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Featuring a total of 14 international competition programmes, EMAF presents a current selection of around 50 short and long films produced in more than 20 countries. These films approach places and landscapes, and their histories and economies, from highly different perspectives; they grapple with very personal experiences and memories; or they review their artistic creation in the context of cinematic history and present media worlds. The image languages and working styles employed are diverse, rendering it impossible to pin them down to a particular cinematic or artistic genre. The committee responsible for selecting this year’s works comprises Godart Bakkers (Brussels), Juan David González Monroy (Berlin), Stefanie Plappert (Frankfurt), Sebastiaan Schlicher (Amsterdam) and EMAF’s new Head of Film Programmes, Katrin Mundt.

Curator duo Gabriela Monroy and Caspar Stracke (Berlin) present a five-part programme on the theme “Wild Grammar”, featuring not only current works, but also classics from the realms of video art and experimental film. They present films that explore the opposition and coexistence of image and text, or that completely renounce the use of text-based language; that create unconventional, politically resistant languages and codes; or that involve the entire body in the movie experience – not just the eyes and the ears. The programme ends with Jean-Luc Godard’s “image book” (Livre d’Image, 2018), the epitome of “wild grammar”, as the curators see it.
Graeme Arnfield (London) has curated the programme “Dogs Leaving the Factory”, showcasing the use of dogs in experimental film from the 1970s to the present or, to be precise, the stories and images that we produce of, alongside and together with dogs.

We are delighted that many of the filmmakers and artists will be present at the festival to watch and discuss their films with us and with you.

Anne Reijniers/ Nizar Saleh/ Rob Jacobs/ Paul Shemisi: "Faire-part" (2018)